Monday, January 16, 2012

Gypsy's Pups

I am pleased to announce Gypsy's first litter - four beautiful tri-color puppies! I am also pleased to announce they are are all already spoken for. Although Gypsy will now get a year's vacation, we will be breeding another one of our girls very soon. This photo shows the four pups (two boys and two girls) at about four days old; however, they have more than doubled their weight since this photo was taken.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Show News

January 5th thru the 8th, our little sisters, Sarah and Pixie, were in the AKC show at Palm Springs, and both continue to show well. Sarah won Winner's Bitch (a four point major) one of the days and is just a few points shy of becoming an AKC Champion. And Pixie, who is already an AKC Champion, won Best of Opposite three out of four days. So Pixie has won all of the requirements and almost all of the points needed to become a Mayfair Grand Champion.

Health News

GREAT NEWS! On Jan. 2, Robbie took Marlee (15 yrs. old) and Hope (13 yrs. old) to Dr. M. Lesser for their annual heart check-up, and the results are great. Marlee, at 15, is still heart clear. Hope, at 13, has a moderate grade three murmur which is unchanged from last year.