Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sad News

Well, we've had a lot of good news, so we're almost certainly going to have occasional sad news. You may remember that we lost Clare on February 26, 2010. She was 15 years and 8 months. Well on May 9, 2012 we lost Marlee who was 15 years and 6 months, and at her last annual check-up, she had a healthy, clear heart - go figure. She died of a brain tumor.

Marlee with friend Joyce.
I will leave it to Robbie to describe how we feel. In a recent letter to friends, Robbie wrote, "When Marlee was six weeks old, she started to woo woo rather than bark. We knew she was very special, and would never leave us. She was incredible with a loving and happy nature that was always there - never sick, never in trouble - always ready to offer her affection when we were sad. She became our foundation tri.and lived to see her great, great, great grandchildren go to their new homes over the past month or so. (Please see Chuck's blog posted on our website 3/16/12 under Gypsy's Pups.) She loved us all and to be honest, we still cannot believe she's gone. We still look for her, but alas, she is not there. Her voice will echo forever in our wonderful memories.She leaves a gaping whole in our lives and hearts."