Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cookie's 1-30-14 and Pixie's Pups 2-21-14

The dust is beginning to settle. First having two litters this close together is good and not-good. Good if one mother, for one reason or another should temporarily loose her milk, the other mother can fill in for her (which happened in this case). Not-good because it becomes very confusing. When the puppies are between three and six weeks old, separation of litters is important. As the pups grow older, the difference based on age becomes less significant; they spend more and more time together, until they are together all the time. So, trying to totally separate the litters in the photo CD that we usually send home with the puppies is not practical.

Second, for various reasons, we still have two lovely Blenheim girls that have not been spoken for. We took three photos with the intention of selecting one to post here; but they are so photogenic, we couldn't select just one, so we are attaching all three here.