Friday, March 16, 2012

Gypsy's Pups

Yesterday, Marlee wanted to go out onto our kitchen patio where Gypsy's puppies were playing. So I let her out and watched to see what she was up to. What followed was, without a doubt, the most poignant thing I have ever seen in the 20 plus years we've been breeding Cavaliers. Marlee and the puppies, one at a time, gently rubbed faces. Marlee is 15 years old and is the puppy's Great, Great, Grandmother!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gypsy's Pups - Revised 3/16

As part of the socialization process, puppies are handled a lot by children, in this case by Alex, Lindsay, and their cousin. Oliver, their puppy, will be joining their family in a few weeks. The puppies often ride in the car. And they have an opportunity to explore and experience both inside and outside. And while they're exploring, they see, smell, and all too often taste everything they see or smell.

Gypsy's Pups - Revised 3/16

Gypsy's pups are now eight weeks old. Training to develop their social skills is coming along nicely. They use the doggie door to go pottie outside, and they are eating adult small-bites kibble. But they do enjoy a little mischief such as untying shoelaces when you and your guests are sitting around chatting. Featured in this photo is Molly enjoying a little snooze with friends. Molly will soon be joining Jean's family.