Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cookie's Pups 1-30-14

Cookie's puppies are doing very well. All are growing nicely and their intelligence is stunning. They've been going thru the doggie door without assistance since they were barely six weeks old (they're eight weeks old as of last Thursday). They are already exploring their environment to discover what they can and cannot manipulate. They spend most of their days outside on our patio off the kitchen, and they particularly enjoy their play mat (activity gym).

Enjoying their play mat.
I added this just because it's so cute.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pixie's Pups 2-21-14

Well, I'm very sorry to have taken over a month to get around to telling you about Pixie's pups. And surprise ... we have four when we were expecting only three. We have one Blenheim girl, a Blenheim boy, and two tri-colored boys, and of course, they were born on February 21.

As you may know, we move the pups from the whelping box in our guest bedroom to a pen we've set up in our living room to start socializing them in the kind of environment they will live in when they go to  their new homes. The point is: the living room now looks more like the Kansas City stockyards.

In the top photo, Pixie and her litter sister, Sarah, are getting acquainted with the hour-old puppies.

Pixie and her litter sister, Sarah, are getting acquainted with the hour-old puppies.

Here, the puppies are posing for their beauty shots.